Serve With Us

Serve With Us

Serve With Us

Serve with Us

If you’re ready for an adventure that will change your life, then come serve with us! Come join the list of amazing volunteers that have been a part of our work here. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, you can help. Really! We’ve had volunteers as young as 18 and as old as 80! All you need is a heart to serve and an adventurous spirit.

We will be scheduling some group trips for specific projects, so if that’s what you’re interested in, check back often to see if we have one scheduled. Otherwise, contact us and we’ll figure out the best time for you to come. I know Africa sounds scary, but it isn’t. We’ll help you plan and book your trip, and we’ll take good care of you while you’re here.

Current Opportunities

  • We are looking 1 or 2 full-time, long-term volunteers to help oversee our programs in Tanzania. Although this would not be a missionary in the traditional sense, it would be a missional type position. And long-term could be one year, ten years, or something in between. We are praying over this, and we are confident that the Lord is preparing the right person for this work.
  • We are also looking for volunteers to work with our TZ Mamas. This could be working with our tailors (background in sewing is a must), or helping to develop new lines such as beaded jewelry or other crafted goods.

For more information please contact our US Director at


Karibu Tanzania!