Most people in Tanzania want to support themselves and their families. When they come to us, they don’t ask for handouts, they ask for a job. There are several ways we help people earn a living and provide for their families. We employ a number of people – staff for the daycare, guards for our properties, and other various jobs. We can also help individuals start their own business – selling items like fruits and vegetables, eggs, charcoal and used clothing. Our tailoring program is an opportunity for skilled tailors, who, despite their skills, have a very hard time finding work, to make a good income – one that allows them to take care of their families.


We’ve taught several tailors in Tanzania to make various items out of the colorful African fabric called kitenge. They’ve made quilts, purses, tote bags, zipper bags, scrub tops and other fun items. We buy these items from the tailors and then sell them. Our mama tailors are independent business owners. They determine how much they work, and therefore how much they earn. Visit our store to see the beautiful things our mama tailors make. And remember, when you buy one of these quilts or bags, you are helping a mother in Tanzania support her family. One of our sweet tailors recently told us that life was very hard for them before we started buying from her. Now she is able to pay rent and other things like school fees for her children. Before they used to only have one meal a day, but now they can afford to eat three meals. All of our tailors have similar stories. Not only are they now able to provide for their families, their children are able to go to school. This is the single most important factor in breaking the cycle of poverty for these families.