So, I shook my fist at Heaven
Said, “God, why don’t You do something?”
He said, “I did, I created you”

Do Something, Matthew West


Our Outreach ministry is the heart of all we do. The people we serve are suffering – they have very little food, no access to clean water, limited access to medical care, as well as other needs and hardships. We come to give what we can, and to let them know their God has not forgotten them. We show mercy because we’ve been shown mercy.

Although we had some very definite ideas of what “outreach” would look like going in, God has used this ministry to accomplish so much more than we ever thought possible. What started as a food ministry, has become a food, water filter, medical care/medicine, clothing, etc. ministry. The need in Africa is so great. It would be easy to become overwhelmed and therefore paralyzed. So we pray to God every day to bring to us the people He would have us help. And He is faithful to do this every time. And when He brings someone to us, we help with what they need. We’ve paid rents, water bills, and hospital bills, we’ve provided transportation, we’ve bought chickens and goats and built chicken houses and goat enclosures, we hired caregivers for patients in the hospital and at home, and we’ve paid for funerals. And in doing these things, we bring glory to God in Whom all things are possible.



Our outreach in Tanzania is in the Monduli District in northern Tanzania. This district is predominantly Maasai, one of the over 140 tribal groups in Tanzania. Over the past 3 years, we’ve distributed hundreds of bags of food to four of the poorest villages in the district, working closely with village elders to determine who will receive the bags each month. We’ve supported several families in crisis, assisting them to get back on their feet, while providing them with food. We’ve distributed over 100 water filters to families, schools and to the local district hospital. We also work with the local hospital to assist patients who have no family to care for them while they are in the hospital – in Tanzania, when you are hospitalized, you must provide your own linens, supplies, meals, meds, and someone to take care of you.



Our outreach in Nakuru, Kenya is our newest effort. We are working closely with a local church there to help the ‘street families’ – those that actually live on the streets. We began with a weekly feeding program, and each week we are feeding 50-70 people who would otherwise go without.